Katherine Habeck

01 Feb 2016

Daniel Rozin
“PomPom Mirror,” 2015

This is such a mesmerizing piece by Daniel Rozin. From the video, I can tell that it is probably reading in a depth image from a Kinect mounted at the top of the “mirror”. Motors then push out and in white and black puff balls based on that depth image. The result is a surprisingly smooth reflection that is consistently transitioning from one state to another. I am particularly intrigued by the sonic element to this piece. When someone approaches the mirror, a whirring begins to happen. While this is a by-product of the motors underneath the poms, the effect it gives off seems to activate the mirror, as though it were more dynamic, lifelike, or swarming like bees. ┬áThere is also something creepy or uncanny about how solid the reflection seems, as though elements are magically reorganizing themselves in your likeness.