23 Jan 2013


1. ofxSpeech – this is an addon for speech recognition and also speech synthesis. I haven’t tested it out, but I probably will for my addons assignment. The ability to recognize and generate speech is super powerful, and if it’s any good it should allow for an artificial intelligence to listen to you and make meaningful conversation. Actually, upon further brainstorming, I think I want to make my addons project be a robot that regenerates the same words that you say – like an echo but in a different voice – and I think if it’s loud enough and timed well I could throw people off so they lose track of what they were saying and have to stop talking. What fun!

2. ofxNameGen – this is an addon which generates names based on a seeded table. Something like this would be crucial if for example I made a procedurally generated game, or a series of procedurally generated characters, or if I wanted to become a famous rapper. (Did you know Childish Gambino got his name from a name generator?)

3. ofxBackground – this addon lets me separate the foreground of an image from a background, which could be utilized to give 3D effects to a 2D image. (Ie a perception of depth, especially for side scrolling). If this is really good, I’d love to see a game or installation which uses a set of locations and swaps out the background behind you in the image. Or we could delete the foreground and generate a level of a game based on the darkness or color of the background. I’d like to see some examples on youtube to see how good this is without having to plug it in and test it myself.