21 Jan 2013

I’m Mateusz, though most people refer to me as Mat (makes things a bit easier). Really looking forward to participating in this class and working on assignments. I’ve been trying to get into creative coding for a few months off and on. My hope is that this class will be the motivation I need to get a bunch of projects out the door and give me a kick in the pants. I’ve been programming in some capacity since I got my first computer when I was 14, so almost 14 years now! Currently I’m doing most of my coding in HTML, CSS, and JS for my day job.

github: MateuszWijas
twitter: @mateuszwijas

I’ve taken a few classes in the tech/art space here in Toronto. One I found interesting was a class on glitch art and data bending where I created this gif:

data bending gif

I’ve started also reading Daniel Shiffman’s The Nature of Code and experimenting with processing. Below is an image I made using bezier curves with moving focal points inside a bounded area: