14 Jan 2013

Hi, I’m Ziyun! Or you can…call me Z! :) I am a first year Music Technology master student – a musician, maker and programmer who have always been interested in the topic “Art and Technology”. Anything that’s experimental, that is new to me would be to my interest.

Github: http://github.com/pengzyk

Twitter: @pengzyk

Website: Temporarily Not Available 

I did a few experiments with arduino and max/msp where I turned an ordinary plant into a sensor that reacts to human body.


Interactive plant -demo from kaikai on Vimeo.

Then I did the same thing on glasses and in a larger scale, so I had this:

Interactive Mini Worlds from kaikai on Vimeo.

And..for your interest, here’s some of my music :) :

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/pengzyk

Looking forward to meeting you all!