ofxAsciiArt (Teehan+Lax)

A library for transforming regular pixel images into ASCII Art. This addon was developed for the project Painting with a Digital Brush to render the ASCII art on the GPU, increasing performance. Unfortunately, the addon interface seems to render directly to onscreen graphics, which means it wouldn’t be usable for creating an actual textmode project. An extension to actually render out to a terminal is a task I would be interested in undertaking.

ofxKinectUsers (Patricio Gonzalez Vivo)

This addon performs gesture recognition using inputs from a Microsoft Kinect. I think that the extension of gestures into 3D rather than 2D is a necessary and inevitable step forward in computer interfaces and presents an intriguing challenge for the designer. Since I do not have a Kinect at present, it is unlikely that I will work with this addon, but I might revisit it given the opportunity in the future.

ofxRemoteUI (Oriol Ferrer MesiĆ )

Serves variables up using OSC so they can be modified by a remote application. Interesting idea because it removes the control over what happens to the data in your application from the application (ordinarily even you define specific responses to specific stimuli). This really could be used to put “control” of the application out to a large group of users very simply.

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Sam Gruber is a junior studying Computer Science and Architecture and the President of the CMU Computer Club. His interests include machine intelligence, realtime graphics demos, and interface design, and he has been sighted both playing in and running tabletop roleplaying games. Sam has experience working with PHP, HTML/CSS, Javascript/Node.js, SML, C/C++ and Linux. He also dabbles in Ruby, Processing, Cinder, Python, and pretty much anything that seems interesting.