Bryce Summers

28 Jan 2015

Note: I did not see the note that says that the projects need to be related to open frameworks until it was too late. I have appended some cursory comments about some interesting ofxAddons that I have found/find interesting.

“Boundary Functions”

This is a project that attempts do display the personal territories of individual people interacting with it. It seems like it computes a vernoi diagram for actual people in space. I like this piece, because it is an example of a project that tries to make an abstract concept concrete. This project was done in 1998, so it is quite old. Now that artists are starting to create technology that can sense a person’s emotional state, this project could evolve into a subjective personal bubble visualization that displays a person’s personal bubble to others. Imagine if we could see our friends and know when we should leave them alone when their personal bubble is large. We could also see when someone is inviting us to enter a closer conversation of social interaction if we saw them having a small bubble. People who are sensitive to being interacted with in certain physical ways, such as people who do not like people tapping them on their shoulders could indicate these behaviors that they do not like my configuring their personal bubble. This project seems to come directly from Vernoi diagrams and the introduction of real time image synthesis.

myData = myMondrian

Bryce's Personal Mondrian

Bryce’s Personal Mondrian

This project is a webapp that asks the user for personal information and then maps the input data to a Mondrian drawing. I like how the project maps quantified values and the personal cultural value of a person to a generated work of neoplasticism reminiscent of Piet Mondrian. I find this to be fitting, because artistic movements such as neoplasticism and minimalism sprung p from the counterbalancing pendulum of cultural taste and rebellion. I find it hard to understand these art movements in the current times when they are taken out of context from their predecessor art movements that they sought to differentiate themselves from. These art movements that I find hard to appreciate non-rationally sprung up from mundane everyday cultural tastes just like the data that is entered in this artwork.



I am a big fan of computational geometry and it seems cool that people are putting up code for Vernoi diagrams and Delaunay triangulations.


I am also a fan of drawing functions that allow the pixels to dance better. I often find myself wishing to draw lines of very particular thicknesses that are not always supported by standard libraries.


I am interested in sound synthesis, so this addon that allows access to a sound synthesis library seems very useful.

I am somewhat partial to the ofxButterfly addon.