Bryce Summers

09 Apr 2015

Logic Tracks

Screenshot depicting intersecting track.

Screenshot depicting intersecting track and a utilitarian GUI so far.

Progress Thus Far

  • I have begun the behind the scenes groundwork for the GUI.
  • I have implemented the GUI triggered functionality that allow the user to create and delete sections of track. In the future, I should make it so the user can click and drag large sections of track to speed up their track creation time.
  • I have made major strides towards implementing the representation of Train cars and their ability to transverse the track network. Their are still a few bugs regarding the transitioning between tracks when intersection curves are present, but not viable.

Major Milestones to Come

  • I need to implement the logic for input locations and output locations.
  • I need to implement the user designed logic system that allows the user to interactively map inputs to the various blocks.
  • I need to implement the handling of collisions between cars and the interaction of the logical components with the cars, in addition to the representation of the car’s load state.
  • I need to fine tune the GUI to make the game as user friendly as possible.
  • I need to implement a distinction between level creation mode and level playing mode.
  • It would be nice if I could functionally compose levels, just like actual programs.