07 Feb 2015

I chose two ofxAddons: ofxAudioUnit and ofxParticleEmitter, because it’s always a great idea for me to make audio interaction applications.

The reason to choose particle emitter, is that I have seen many great works simulating the motions of particles and I thought it might be good to try this. And as many of you may have known, ofxAudioUnit is a widely used addon which makes Audio Units easy to work on OS X and iOS. It is a wise choice for me to use ofxAudioUnit — it has many examples, really detailed comments, and less bugs.

I made an attempt to use these two addons, created ParameterChanger combining the examples from these two addons. As the mouse moves, the parameters of music will change, more specifically, the x axis will affect the playback rate, and the y axis will affect the cutoff frequency. Furthermore, position of particle will also be affected by mouse position.


Here is the video:


After the initial attempt, I try to use environment sound to interact with particle emitter.

屏幕快照 2015-02-07 下午10.02.06

The amplitude can randomly change the position of the particle.


Here are the github repos: ParameterChanger and AmplitudeTrigger.