24 Mar 2015

P1. (Parametric)

For my first Idea I’ve been thinking about a parametric dress that uses the rotation of the character. I looked at the curves of a very simple animation I made and saw that the curves were actually very dynamic enough the animation was very simple. Therefore I wondered if there would be a very interesting result if you mapped it to a dress.

the animation

the graph of all the curves in a single arm.

I have been considering whether rotations are the best values to use for the dress. I really thought this through and I want the dress the be as expressive as possible. I think the distance of your wrist to the center of your body depicts the mood of your character much better. I’m worried that rotations are very arbitrary. For example open arms is friendly, while crossed arms or overlapping arms are unfriendly. So generally if your wrists are far from the center of your body, you are being friendly.


P2. (Stencil)

For my second Idea I would like to create a stencil / realistic rendering composition. A lot of 3D rendering uses a specific rendering style or just go for realism. However in a lot of paintings the artists would render the face realistically and stylize the rest of the painting. In old cartoons a lot of clothes are a texture behind a stenciled out area. I want to create a mixture of 3D characters with stenciled out 2D clothing.





Dress mapping!


Transforming Dresses



-> parametric dresses http://golancourses.net/2015/jackkoo/03/24/looking-outward-6/

-> cloth research http://golancourses.net/2015/jackkoo/03/24/looking-outward-7/