15 Jan 2015

Hi, I’m Lauren Valley

I like:

bees, welding, brains, scars, learning, milk chocolate, warmness, and the feeling you get when you wake up and you think you have class but actually its the weekend

I dislike:

small text, old bread, knee pain, feelings, crumbs, dark chocolate, being simultaneously cold, wet, and grossed out

Project: SPACE

For a while, I was really fascinated with the concept of reduction.

For example, how an object can be completely altered by removing a single element—such as a room without a door can quickly become a prison and a cell phone without battery can seem like a nightmare, but to me, one of the most interesting examples of an artifact sans its surrounds is a head without a body.

Yes, it’s still a head, and despite the obvious unsettling image, I enjoyed how a narrative is automatically evoked in regards to what is really happening in the piece and how the head got into the position it is.