27 Jan 2015

For my pebble watch app I wanted to somehow link linguistic pacing in poetry with the pace of time. So I took phrases pertaining to time from poems and quotes and arranged them on the screen in order of months, days and hours (top to bottom). Each quantity is linked to a phrase that changes when that time unit changes. In arranging these I hoped to create multidimensional/random poems.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 8.15.08 AM


static Window *s_main_window;
static TextLayer *s_mon_layer;
static TextLayer *s_day_layer;
static TextLayer *s_hour_layer;

// write a function that gets the words to display based on the hour, minute and second, and sets them

static void update_time() {
  time_t temp = time(NULL);
  struct tm *tick_time = localtime(&temp);
  //array for months  a
  const char *a[12];
  a[4]= "Time!"; a[1]="on whose arbitrary wing"; a[2]= "the varying hours must flag or fly";
  a[3]="whose tardy winter"; a[0]="o spring"; a[5]= "of all"; a[6]="the marvelous";
  a[7]="achievements of modern science"; a[8]="the electric telegraph"; a[9]="is transcendentally";
  a[10]="the whole earth will be";  a[11] = "palpitating with human thoughts and emotions";
  //arrays for days
  const char *day[7];
  day[2]= "The earth is not an echo-";
  day[1]= "Is to-day nothing?";
  day[0]= "Is the beginningless past nothing?";
  day[3]= "If the future is nothing";
  day[4]= "They are just as surely nothing";
  day[5]= "The sky coninues beautiful";
  day[6]= "You are not thrown to the winds--";  
  //hours  b
  const char *b[24];
  b[0]="tomorrow"; b[1]="the hearts"; b[2]="of the civilized";
  b[3]="world will"; b[4]="tomorrow the hearts of the world beat in a single pulse"; b[5]= "and from that time";
  b[6]="forevermore"; b[7]="the continental divisions"; b[8]="of the earth"; 
  b[9]="will, in a measure"; b[10]="lose conditions"; 
  b[11]= "of time and distance"; b[12]="which now mark"; 
  b[13]="their relations"; 
  b[14] = "It is impossible";
  b[15] = "that old";
  b[16] = "prejudices and hostilities";
  b[17] = "should longer exist";
  b[18] = "while such an instrument";
  b[19] = "has been created";
  b[20] = "for an exchange";
  b[21] = "of thought";
  b[22] = "between all nations";
  b[23] = "of the earth";
  text_layer_set_text(s_mon_layer, a[tick_time->tm_mon]);
  text_layer_set_text(s_day_layer, day[tick_time->tm_wday]);
  text_layer_set_text(s_hour_layer, b[tick_time->tm_hour]);


static void tick_handler(struct tm *tick_time, TimeUnits units_changed) {

/* manage sub-elements of window */
static void main_window_load(Window *window) {
  // Create mon TextLayer
  s_mon_layer = text_layer_create(GRect(0, 20, 144, 50));
  text_layer_set_background_color(s_mon_layer, GColorBlack);
  text_layer_set_text_color(s_mon_layer, GColorClear);

  // Create day TextLayer
  s_day_layer = text_layer_create(GRect(0, 70, 144, 100));
  text_layer_set_background_color(s_day_layer, GColorClear);
  text_layer_set_text_color(s_day_layer, GColorBlack);
    // Create hour TextLayer
  s_hour_layer = text_layer_create(GRect(0, 120, 144, 140));
  text_layer_set_background_color(s_hour_layer, GColorBlack);
  text_layer_set_text_color(s_hour_layer, GColorClear);
  //text_layer_set_text(s_minute_layer, "til");
  // Improve the layout to be more like a watchface
  text_layer_set_font(s_mon_layer, fonts_get_system_font(FONT_KEY_BITHAM_42_BOLD));
  //text_layer_set_text_alignment(s_time_layer, GTextAlignmentCenter);*/

  // Add it as a child layer to the Window's root layer
  layer_add_child(window_get_root_layer(window), text_layer_get_layer(s_mon_layer));
  layer_add_child(window_get_root_layer(window), text_layer_get_layer(s_day_layer));
  layer_add_child(window_get_root_layer(window), text_layer_get_layer(s_hour_layer));

static void main_window_unload(Window *window) {
    // Destroy TextLayer

/* manage overall app/watchface */

static void init() {

  // Create main Window element and assign to pointer
  s_main_window = window_create();

  // Set handlers to manage the elements inside the Window
  window_set_window_handlers(s_main_window, (WindowHandlers) {
    .load = main_window_load,
    .unload = main_window_unload

  // Show the Window on the watch, with animated=true
  window_stack_push(s_main_window, true);
  // Make sure the time is displayed from the start
  // Register with TickTimerService
  tick_timer_service_subscribe(MINUTE_UNIT, tick_handler);

static void deinit() {
  // Destroy Window


int main(void) {