12 May 2015

Ol’ Scroll is a series of browser based animations, activated by user scroll. This project expands the utility of the scrollbar and uses the familiar gesture as a vehicle for an artful experience. Each animation is focused around perpetual vertical motion with the scroll bar seamlessly wrapping around the browser window.


This series was inspired by an old-time animation machine, the mutoscope. A mutoscope is a viewer driven animation machine which used a hand crank to advance frames.  Similarly, I wanted to use the user’s scroll in order to control the rate and direction of these in-browser animations.


My concerns with this project were largely formal, I wanted to emulate 3 dimensional space via color, shape and motion.


These animations were created with p5.js using a mix of SVG and computationally generated elements.

Ol’ Scroll can be viewed at my website.
More of my projects and code can be viewed on GitHub.