Sylvia Kosowski

05 Feb 2015

Simp – Symm

Simp – Symm is a procedural modeling algorithm which enables the user to create extremely complex symmetrical geometric shapes from more simple geometric shapes. The simpler geometry is copied many times and reflected/rotated/positioned/etc using procedural generation to create complex shapes. What inspires me most about this project are the 3D printed end results. I love how they look because they look so delicate and precious. To me they seem like almost nostalgic artifacts from a lost age, things that, if there were some huge apocalypse on the earth, would remain when all humans were gone, as delicate reminders of the complexity that humanity tried to accomplish before its downfall. On a less poetic note, by watching the video I really liked how their interface for doing the procedural generations looked. It wasn’t bloated with uncountable confusing features like Maya. Instead the interface was very visual and simple and it looked like anyone would be able to pick it up. I think the project could have been more effective if you could mix and match several small parts to create the finished object, rather than just having the one key simple geometry which is repeated throughout. This could result in the creation of even more complex miniature structures.

FIELD – Interim Camp / MUSE

Interim Camp and MUSE are generative worlds which are procedurally created. The camera’s motion and the motion of the terrain is also computationally generated during the experience. I particularly like MUSE (the one which I embedded the video for). I love how surreal and abstract it is, like a journey into a forgotten dream or a rift between the fabrics of time and space. It has a mesmerizing visual quality that teeters between the idea of a world to explore and an abstraction of color to appreciate. There’s something about the idea of a computer generating this almost organic, fluid dreamspace which really appeals to me. I’m a bit disappointed that these are only short films however, from what I can gather from the article. I would appreciate them even more if they were completely interactive experiences which you could immerse yourself in for however long you wanted. I really want to be able to explore these surreal worlds myself, rather than just viewing them from the outside.