Thomas Langerak

27 Jan 2015

This was part of the first assignment and the first time that I really had a look at the C language. I was working on this project together with Maddy Varner. As she is an experienced programmer and I just started we divided the tasks according to skill, so both could learn from it. Personally I was responsible for the time management and getting the circles from the minutes and hours. Though this was initially difficult for me I am not happy with the amount of work I did in the end. Though I came more familiar with the programming language C, it could have been far more. I will carry a heavier workload in the future to alter this.

The clock itself is based on an hourglass and can display either minutes or hours. The amount of ‘grains’ correspond to the amount of minutes/hours. The fall down according to the watch orientation measured with the accelerometer. We started from the example involving the accelerometer and made changes and additions along the way. A video can be found here: .

The code can be found here: