Thomas Langerak – Looking Outwards 6


While looking online for some installation designs I came across this design from WHITEvoid and Hyundai. I really this piece is magnificent. There is interaction with the audition, it is marveling and vivid.

FLUIDIC are 12000 spheres, 8 highspeed laser projectors and a water pond. What I think is extremely clever is the fact that the cloud seems random, but is actually shaped by a computer algorithm. Therefore the laser beams are able to reach each sphere and illuminate it and at the same time the cloud seems random. The illuminate spheres form a 3D image without blind-spots.

With cameras the position and gestures of the visitors are determined and one can interact with the cloud.

What I do not understand yet is why the pond? There certainly could be something improved there.


Mobile Mobile

Mobile Mobile in a “semi-permanent” exhibition installation and consists out of several hanging cell phones hanging. Every cellphone has its own tone and by activating them at the correct time one can play jingles (original Christmas songs). Next to this they light up let people show when each phone is activated.

I am not sure what I think of this installation. I think it extremely funny, especially one could operate it online and “annoy the crap out of people”. I think it somehow smart and interesting and somewhere it is quite boring. After one song you have seen it.