Thomas Langerak – Bot

Summary: A twitter bot that replies with a “let me google that for you” link to the last question asked.

Secondary Assignment


I got tired of getting asked simple questions some time ago, so therefore I started to people links that linked to let me google that for you (, I decided to make this bot behave similar.

I am not really happy with the creativity I have delivered for this exercise. For me it was more of a technical exercise and my first experience with Python (for a project on my own, not a workshop). I first made the bot in processing and afterwards translated it to python. I didnt get it working on a linux server so therefore it is down at the moment.

I would classify as an interactive bot since it replies to the latest question asked. Currently once every four minutes, yet this is for debugging and should be more towards the hour.

There are still several problem with it though: When there is no new reply the bot crashes. Secondly I think that the bot should pick a question instead of taking the last one, maybe number of retweets or favorites?