Yeliz Karadayi

21 Mar 2015

“Forced Fingers” by Saurabh Datta. 2014

Very neat. This girl records your finger’s movements and then plays it back to your fingers, forcing you to repeat the actions. Could you have multiple of these communicating so one person’s movements control many? Can this apply to villainous warfare? The possiblities…! Anyway, it makes me think about the possibility of recording my own project’s movements of the 3d pen so that perhaps if you liked the way a particular part of the model was fabricated you can copy it over an identical path that it takes you on. HMM.


“GeoMagic Touch” by Geomagic

And I have found my tool for force-feedback. Perfect! This thing is relatively accurate for what I need, and allows for some degree of freedom so that the user still has the ultimate control. It’s incredibly expensive though but I think I have a way around that….:)

What’s especially great about this product, after speaking with the sales rep there, is that they offer the SDK to make your own software and I would have all control over the interaction with this thing.