23 Mar 2015

In short: A phone app to create portals in water puddles to show speculated futures by augmenting reflections.

Inspiration: My obsession with water puddles, portals, parallel universes, optical illusions and water reflections.

Presentation is here

Users will be asked to find a ‘perfect water puddle’ (with clear sky reflection in it). When they look at this perfect puddle from their phone application, a portal to another world will be created. The reflection in the puddle will replaced by reflection from another world. This world will not merely be a figment of fiction but an speculated future which might become reality in near future. By looking at this speculated reflection, users can reflect on what their world might become.


1. Ask the user to tap on the puddle of their interest. Detect the pixels of the puddle against the road/background.

2. Calculate the perspective from which the user is viewing the puddle.

3. Warp the futuristic reflection to the puddle depending on the angle/perspective of the phone Vs ground plane.

Platform: I am planning to use openFrameworks.

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