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16 Mar 2016

For my visualization, I wanted to study areas of visual interest and disinterest in images. Originally I intended to use satellite maps, and try to create maps of the interesting and disinteresting parts of a maps of the USA. However, …

Erica Lazrus

15 Mar 2016

Z’man Sheli is a visualization exploration of understanding world events through the lens of the Jewish concept of time. It features two linked timelines, one in the traditional linear sense with events plotted on a Gregorian calendar and the …

Dan Sakamoto

15 Mar 2016

This number station map is an attempt at examining the invisible ecosystem of spy communication over shortwave radio waves. One message corresponds on the map to on blip and one circle, with each country sounding at a unique pitch. Through …

Akiva Krauthamer

14 Mar 2016

I created a map of a single stair case in the Purnel Center for the Arts at Carnegie Mellon University. To do this I created a simple jig to hold a DSLR above a step in a fixed position. Next …

Christopher Wei

14 Mar 2016

Visualizing Andrew File System


My project for a visualization of a map involved visualizing student activity on the unix machines at Carnegie Mellon. The premise behind the project is that in unix based servers, if you are logged in …

Katherine Habeck

14 Mar 2016

Though I sort of lost my way on this project, I thought I’d go ahead and share the images I generated from the Archive of Many Outdoor Scenes. I looked for an interesting webcam from the archive of some …

Chelsea Kwong

05 Mar 2016


I created this project to visualize the colors of tragic events happening in 2015. I handpicked 9 events from 2015 that has a lot of media coverage so I have sufficient data points to draw accurate results: Nepal Earthquake, …

Zaria Howard

11 Feb 2016

For the image database exploration I continued my interest in subway systems and subway paths. One thing I really wanted to explore was the google maps API and the whole security camera aesthetic through the grid. I like my project …