Katherine Habeck

14 Mar 2016

Though I sort of lost my way on this project, I thought I’d go ahead and share the images I generated from the Archive of Many Outdoor Scenes. I looked for an interesting webcam from the archive of some 29,000 webcams on the site. I was particularly drawn to scenic sunsets, observatory images, and strange scenes with people. See below for examples:

20160203_035900 20160301_103249



From these webcam images, I tried to tease out themes like colors, daily/seasonal cycles through slitscanning, ofxTSNE, and sampling parts of the images.


scan Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.50.49 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.51.23 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.51.51 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.52.46 PM