Gauntlet – ofxaddons

While looking through the ofxaddons on, I was mostly focusing on the 2d graphics addons.  All of my favorite interactive maps that we have looked at in class have been mainly two dimensional.  I figured that starting with two dimensions rather than three was the right way to go.  When I saw the ofxVoronoi addon I had never seen a Voronoi diagram before, but the header image looked interesting.  I looked up Voronoi diagrams and immediately imagined the points moving and the cells reforming around each other.   Since I needed a way to make my cells move and capture a small snippet of these cells reorganizing themselves, I figured the gifEncoder addon was the best way to achieve this.

I added a lot of randomization features so that each diagram produced was different.  There are 9 different animation patterns that the code could possibly choose.  I have restricted the color scheme (but not very much) to make  slightly more appealing color combinations.  Below are a Vimeo Video of a few of the diagrams produced put together, and also an example gif produced by OF.  [Github]