Final Project Proposal

My final project idea is based on the NECLUMI pico projector necklaces.  I like the idea of what we’re wearing changing based on our actions.  Clothing is a very telling thing.  Whether it tells people about who you are or who you want people to think you are, it’s still a very revealing thing.

It would be interesting to live record a conversation between two people and based on the conversation and each person’s heart rate, project certain “clothing” items on them.  For example, if there is a lull in the conversation, maybe “clothe” them more because walls are going up.  If heart rates are down and they seem to be connecting, maybe shed some layers.  Do a bit of analysis on the conversation to maybe detect whimsy or seriousness in a conversation.

My Modern Met also posted a beautiful projection piece about projecting on faces. My image right now is simply using a few colors and lines across the body.  The lines can wiggle or change in orientation based on rigor of the conversation and separate or condense based on vulnerability between the two people.