05 Apr 2016

For my project, I want to create a generated book.

I’ve been meaning to create some kind of generated/programmatically acquired writing for a while. Specifically I’m interested in acquiring a large number of short stories. I’m an occasional writer in my own time, and recently I’ve been very interested in mythic writing; Myths are generally written in a specific way which is based on telling the story in relatively broad strokes. They tend to lack adjectives, and tend to tell a lot of story in not very much text.

I’m considering trying to get stories from Reddit. I know that I can in theory acquire the entire reddit comment corpus, and there are a lot of the kind of stories that I want there. I just have to find them. I’m also considering trying to find image captions for these stories. I’d like to use some kind of process for acquiring photographs that either match or interestingly juxtapose the stories.