Irene Alvarado :: Gauntlet :: OF Prep

(Posting this as a separate assignment instead of a single gauntlet post)

For my ofPrep assignment I chose to combine ofxTimeline and ofxAssimpModelLoader, which turned out to be harder than I thought – particularly because ofxTimeline is somewhat old now yet fills a gap and I figured it would be useful to setup.

To actually setup ofxTimeline in of 0.9.0:

  • You need to make sure you add all the addons on the github README page (there’s a bunch!) – but the audio component is outdated so we need to remove any references to that.
  • Then I commented out all of the files within addons/ofxAudioDecoder. If you delete them you might run into referencing errors.
  • Then, I had to comment out all of the sections in ofxTimeline that surfaced errors related to audio.

Since the goal was to simply get the app running, I loaded an obj model and made it rotate around an empty space.

I obtained the model of nyc through a hack where I downloaded the 3D data through Bing Maps 3D using Max 3DS.