Oliver Daids

02 Feb 2016

Code: https://github.com/Oddity007/OF-Drone-Strike-Data-Viewer

Using ofxJSON, I loaded the narrative information from the drone strike data.  I then extended my map application to display the headlines alongside the visualization.  Initially, the words would be obscured, but using a textbox provided by ofxDatGui to allow the user to input the text they want unobscured.  I used ofxTextSuite to handle the line wrapping of the narrative text that could occasionally scroll beyond the borders of the screen.  I think I was initially excited by the potential ofxDatGui and ofxTextSuite gave me to explore traditional text-based interaction, while letting me do so in the environment of openFrameworks, which is typically oriented towards non-text based interaction.  With text in openFrameworks, I could potentially do things like rendering the text on a 3d object, although I never implemented anything like that.