Akiva Krauthamer

02 Feb 2016

As a way of getting better at Open Frameworks and learning about what types of addons are out there this project asked us to combine two Open Frameworks addons in to one program. I choose to create a program that takes live midi data and outputs live DMX data. Midi is frequently used by sound departments in the theartre world as a way of networking devices (not just for the music it’s self). DMX is used by lighting departments to control theatrical lighting equipment of all kinds. I hope that this program can act as a small step toward bridging the gap between there separate worlds that are supposed to be working together. My converter program can take midi control signals and output dmx signals. This could allow a sound device like a midi keyboard to turn on a set of theatre lights with very little hassle.


To make this program I used ofxMidi and ofxDmx. I chose these addons because they were stable and simple to use. I was very lucky in that I happened to have accesses to some of the same devices as the people making the addons. For example the entec DMX pro was used to test ofxDMX. This made using the addons pretty easy..

Download the source code form gitHub.