Shouvik Mani

02 Feb 2016


Elements is a project that depicts four types of energies (hydro, wind, solar, and geological) in an interactive manner. Users can play with the installation and direct the flow of the energies using body gestures.

What I love about this project is that it puts the user in complete control of the energies and picks up a wide variety of gestures. It correctly represents the energies and solicits appropriate user interactions for the different energies. For instance, you can wave your arms to move the waves in the hydro energy section. Or you can lift our arms up to direct the wind upward in the wind energy section. So, the gestures are intuitive as they should be.

I like all the sections of the project except for the solar energy section. It feels like the artists were trying too hard to incorporate solar energy into their work¬†and somehow found a way to display it. Because of this, the¬†section feels incoherent and chaotic. I feel like it distracts from the natural flow of the other energies. The project would be more effective if it just didn’t include the solar energy section, or displayed it differently.