Amy Friedman

28 Feb 2015

Currently the market for wearables has increased a significant amount. Many times these wearable fitness products are focused on “activity” based on data from an accelerometer, but how much does this really contribute to helping understand a persons health. Below is a map I created of the current wearable technology market based on data gather from Vandrico Inc Wearable Tech Market Database. It shows the primary applications of the wearables, connectivity, features and work benefits

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 2.33.47 PMThere are many opportunities to diagnose information from the sensors utilized. I want to create a visualization which touches upon the potential of wearables to diagnose information about a user when different sensors are combined and patterns are found. Different combinations infer different potential diagnosis. The limitations I have is that I dont know every medical condition that exists therefore I would have trouble creating this.