Amy Friedman

13 Apr 2015

Original Timeline

March 31st: Have entire experiment written out, and know what will be tested

Start using the Eye Tracker, work with the API and begin to program

Looked into current eye tracking research


April 7th: Have eye tracking data recording program finished

Look into how to analyze/compare the different information from each test

Recruit people to pilot out the system

Pilot eye tracking system, and fix and bugs

Recruit full participants to do the study


April 14th: Test out eye tracking system on several participants

Create analysis program for the data


April 21st continue to test participants

Analyze the data to understand more information

Look into visualization of the information, where will it be housed


April 28th: Project Completed

Finish everything


Revised Timeline

April 14th week – test out 30-40 participants on the eye tracker, create survey

April 21st week – analyze data with created system, if not information test more participants.