John Mars

21 Apr 2015

Overall, things are going pretty smoothly. The hard parts have been mostly solved, namely the browser visualization, making manifold meshed, and creating 3D objects. The rest of the stuff is pretty much just plug-and-play busy work. It looks like there’s a lot of unchecked ToDos below, but they’re all connected, and should all go simultaneously (that’s poor list-making on my part, sorry).

  • Tiles need to be completely downloaded
  • Solution must be found for creating manifold meshes
  • Develop method for turning single-face meshes into solid meshes Mostly completed — mesh edges have been found, now I just need to make faces between them and a base
  • Build website locally In progress
    • Develop website backend In Progress
      • Determine website framework Node.js
      • Embed openFrameworks on server Using Three.js instead
      • Implement a map API for displaying available cities and picking them In Progress — City-level picker is almost done; decisions need to be made on displaying which locations are available
      • Implement Shapeways SDK
    • Develop website frontend In Progress; its convolved with the backend
  • Deploy DigitalOcean droplet
  • Purchase Domain
  • Deploy website on server
  • Test print from Shapeways URGENT
  • Open Shapeways store
  • Publicity
  • Profit