Thomas Langerak -Capstone Update

To say it the “Dutch way” (really direct and without reservation); the capstone project is totally not going as planned. The first two weeks went quite well, I made some quick mockups and found a chess engine I could work with. Than disaster struck, a computer crash and mockups mostly gone. Luckily I had backedup most things, yet a few things were lost.

About two weeks back I decided to go for the tangible route. I experimented with a raspberryPi with a camera and OpenCV. Unfortunately I did not make the deadline for myself today and therefore believe a tangible solution is highly unlikely to be achieved on time. Just for me working the first time with linux, a raspberrypi and CV proved to much of a burden. Therefore I have decided to pull the plug and focus fully on the digital solution. Let me make clear that I would definitely would have prefered tangibility, but I also have to be realistic. Next to this I want to make clear that though I am almost at the same stage as two weeks back, I have learned a tremendous amount during this time period. I definitely gained knowledge about technologies I only had heared of. I am certainly planning on learning raspberryPi for the future, as I definitely see potential in the medium.

So with about a week to go, what still needs to be done?
On a conceptual level I need to find something worth unlocking.
I had decided to unlock my computer, as this is highly personal. Yet now I need it to actually run my work.

On a making level I need to make a visualization in processing.
I actually need to unlock something.