John Choi

18 Mar 2015

Giant Saturn Controller for Death Crimson by Takamasa Sumi, 2005

For my final project in this class, I want to combine my experience in robotics and video games. So, I intend to build an “Action Figure Controller”, where you pose an action figure to play a video game. This is a really weird controller when in comparison to the standard dual-joystick layout. However, not the weirdest, as the project above can attest.  This giant alien cockroach you see above is actually a light gun controller for an rather obscure game called Death Crimson, which made its debut in for the Saturn Game Console in 2000.  This project was showcased at the 3rd Fukuoka Asian Art Triennial 2005 at the Fukuoka Asia Art Museum.  I would never see myself playing any game with such a strange and bulky controller, but it is an interesting novelty to see.  I do suppose it will immerse the player a lot more and do much in eliminating suspension of disbelief when actually playing the game.

Project Link here:

 Special Full-action Body Type v.3 by Dolk Station, 2013

Simply put, this is the most detailed art mannequin on the female body you will ever see.  Priced at $300, this is a highly detailed posable figure with 80 moving joints, even the fingers and the eyes.  Like the standard wooden mannequin used for drawing, this one is to be used specifically for sketching in the unique Japanese anime style, hence some exaggerated body parts and stylized eyes.  This object is probably very fragile, so it really isn’t a toy or an action figure.  I like this project since it serves as reference for my final project.  While I don’t intend on mine being as detailed, I do intend on it being electronic, and this project has lots of good information on how to create mechanical joint linkages.

Project Link here: