Yeliz Karadayi

18 Mar 2015

“D-Coil” by Huaishu Peng. 2015

D-Coil is a pretty perfect example of what it means to have human-interactive control over machine fabrication. I’m not positive as to how this is being implemented but it appears as though the machine moves along while the hand chooses exactly where to go within the limits. I hope to have my project have more freedom in terms of the fabrication process, however, as this project is limited to the layer by layer coiling as the name implies. That being said, I think this project is incredibly close to what I plan on doing.


“WirePrint” by Stephanie Mueller. 2014

Stephanie takes an innovative look into the capabilities of a 3d printer by 3d printing prototypes using a wireframe instead of the typical stacking. I find this to be a benefit that my project will have as well. I think this can be expanded upon regarding patterns to be made. Stephanie’s work is purely about the function and efficiency of the fabrication and less about the design and beauty of it.