Yeliz Karadayi

18 Apr 2015

“Being the Machine: Reconfiguring Agency and Control in Hybrid Fabrication” by Laura Devendorf, Kimiko Ryokai. 2015

Great paper about a few ways to automate analog creation. Projectors can map out lines showing where to place objects, anything from candy to grass, to build models. This is a much freer version of prototyping, allowing for a high level of control regarding the materials. The process is limited however in the steps taken, as you have to hit ‘next’ for every next instruction from the application outputting to the projector. Hmm.


“CreoPop Pen” by CreoPop



“Lix Pen” by Lix


Well, this is a tough one, so I’m going to get BOTH! WHY? Because after watching both videos I see they both have imperfections but benefits. You see, the Lix pen is slick and small. Also, the Lix works with 1.75 mm plastic, which incidentally I ordered a lot of last semester and never put to use. So…I kind of need the Lix to make my purchase of a LOT of 1.75 ABS plastic worth it. Also it being smaller makes it an attractive choice as an attachment to the existing pen as to not get in the way of the movements and hurt your hand as you hold it like the 3Doodler is doing to my hand in the current experiments with my project.

On the other hand, the CreoPen oozes “future” for me. UV-drying polymer? Multiple material capability? Glow in the dark? MAGNETIC? Sign me up. Actually, I already signed myself up. For pre-order. The Lix isn’t available for order yet so I’ll get that when it comes out. But I’ve got good feelings about the CreoPen for its new printing method, and I suspect it will have more rigid models than the Lix which seems more suited for very fine drawings on 2D and less refined for wire-frames. The point is, I don’t know enough about either pen, and they’re both enticing enough, and I have the means to get both, so I should. Woohoo!