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02 Feb 2016

Mr. Doob’s Google Space

I would include an image, but the website won’t let me upload images again ūüôĀ

Google Space is a clever little piece: It gives you the interface of the Google search home page, except every …


I’ve been finding a lot of fun work on the prosthetic knowledge tumblr lately. For this looking outward, I¬†found a pair of projects that¬†explore the body as a canvas (and technology as the artistic medium).

The first project, …

Robert Zacharias

02 Feb 2016

In late summer of 2009 I saw an exhibit at the Wood Street galleries featuring a piece by¬†Marnix De Nijs and Edwin van der Heide called Spatial Sounds (100dB at 100km/h).¬†The piece consists of a speaker, mounted at …

Dan Sakamoto

02 Feb 2016

Empathy Game” by Anna Anthropy is an installation piece in which players can wear a pair of her old shoes and walk around in them. The shoes have a pedometer attached to them, and players receive one point …

Akiva Krauthamer

02 Feb 2016 by¬†MPC Digital NY is a beautiful and fun project. It aims to take the photo booth experience to a new level by¬†capturing 3D point clouds of the people inside and them modifying the files before displaying them. …

Kevin Karol

02 Feb 2016

Omote by Nobumichi Asai

Real-Time Face Tracking & Projection MappingScreen Shot 2016-02-02 at 1.49.11 AM

Although the video presents the face-tracking/projection mapping technology being applied to an actress with a pre-selected progression of effects, I think it presents a really fascinating new avenue into …

Jessica Shen

02 Feb 2016

An interactive art piece that ¬†I Iove is Takahiro Matsuo’s White Rain (and his other works). ¬†The piece is a light installation made of LED bar lights. ¬†It creates a landscape of light that is reminiscent of rainfall. ¬†When viewers …