25 Feb 2015

Space Nietzsche

“A color for the weather” @space_nietzsche

I wanted to get experience using nodeJS so I decided to do my bot using it. After looking at many bots out there and following a couple of tutorials on how to make a bot, i decided to create my own!

Every 30 min., Space Nietzsche Bot  selects a city and grabs its current weather information. Once I have this information I use the temperature, precipitation and wind bearing to calculate a color representation. I create an image with that color and then i post a new tweet.

Originally the tweet had a static “The current color weather of city <bla> is <img>”

I realized this was very boring so I added some adjective randomness to make the tweet more interesting! Now it is : “The <adjective and connector> color of city is <adjective and connector>.


After showing my bot to some people I leaned that people thought it was a confusing, like too many things happening.

I decided to change it and keep the parts people liked. People were interested about the cities, so i decided to get instead of the weather the top news. Once i had this, i re used the random adjectives and nouns to change 1 or 2 adjective and nouns of the real news with the random ones. Then I added the city as a hashtag.

At the beginning I was very interested in using color, but as you “playtest” you end up finding more interesting patterns and solutions to what you really want to convey.

The bot can be found :