Thomas Langerak

25 Feb 2015

2012 Yeosu EXPO HYUNDAI MOTOR GROUP _ Hyper-Matrix

This is a kinetic landscape. The short way to describe this installation is a moving wall. The wall consists out of squares of 320mm x 320mm which can move separately. I really like this installation by Hyundai because it is a kind of mesmerizing. The wall has an high enough resolution to depict basic images. Next to this I like the basics of it. They could have added colours, lights and what else. By keeping it this basic it enhances the effect of blocks moving


Weavesilk is an online “drawing” application that creates quite beautiful imagery on the user’s mouse input. There are some customizability settings with regard to colour and mirroring options. When using the application one sees that is quite closely related to the mouse (location) but it still random/computer generated enough to be not able to predict what will happen. Not only does the location of your mouse have effect but also the speed of movement.