25 Feb 2015

Cubepix Demo Test – by Xavi’s Lab

I am interested in doing something with projection mapping and mixing hardware like Arduino. I really liked this project because is a very good combination of both hardware use and projection mapping. I dont like the fact that the installation is supper loud. I know it is thanks to the motors, but If I end up using both projection mapping and Arduinos, I would try to minimize the amount of motors it had to keep the volume as low as possible. Apart from that i really like the effect the boxes do when they are rotating! It looks very cool. I also liked how they added the kinect as an interactive input. I would definitely add one too. I really think that some experiences like this the kinect adds a very special touch.


This project is more focused on kinect and projection mapping. As mentioned earlier, I feel when it comes to tracking, the kinect makes it easier to create interesting things with the depth camera. I really like all the effects the dances create. It looks like they are the ones disturbing the environment and i really like how that looks. I also liked the minimal color pallet used. I felt like the high contrast makes a stronger connection between he dancers and the disruption they are creating in the background and the mapping. I have seen many similar effects to this one, so I would definitely try to innovate the canvas, maybe by adding a real static object that will add to the canvas or combine it with LED or some type of sensor that would alter the canvas, making it less flat