Telematic Resources

You are provided with JavaScript resources for making networked projects on the platform for web application development. Our friend Char Stiles, has created an account on Glitch, and (using and p5.js) she has also made a number of helpful “starter” projects for you:

  • Simple Shared Drawing Canvasapp • code (a live shared drawing canvas)
  • Shared Drawing Canvas, with Persistence: appcode (online drawings stored in database)
  • Simple Text Chatroomapp • code (live shared text)
  • Simple Gameapp • code (live shared coordinates)
  • Bare democode()
  • Persistent high score: appcode (online storage of a number)

You can embed your projects in this WordPress blog, using an iFrame. Here’s an example of what that HTML might look like (in the WordPress “Text” editing mode):

or better,

Here you can see one of Charlotte’s demos, a simplified clone, embedded below: