Due 4/17

Due Wednesday, April 17:

  1. If you presented a project on April 10th: In a brief blog post, please write a couple of sentences summarizing any helpful insights you received from your peers during the critique. Categorize your post Project4Feedback.
  2. In a blog post, document your Barcode Scanner Speed Project. Keep it simple, but include some descriptive text, an image or two (e.g. sketch, photograph, screenshot), and (if possible) a brief video or animated GIF. Categorize your post BarcodeProject. One blog post is sufficient per two-person team.
  3. Final Project Proposal. 
    Your semester final project will be due April 29th/May 1st, with a public exhibition on May 2nd. Please write a 1-page project plan for this project. The remit is open-ended and you are permitted to revise a previous project if you wish. Include an image and/or sketch. Categorize your blog post FinalProposal.
    Note: If you have not already used your project ‘pass’, you may state that you intend to use it now, but you must still prepare a project for presentation in the final exhibition.