Jan 14

This course is a one-room schoolhouse. 

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Zachary Lieberman in IdN Interaction Issue (December 2012):

We need to think beyond Jim Campbell’s Formula for Computer Art: (early 2000’s)

Delicate Boundaries (2007) by Christine Sugrue

  • Poetic computation
  • Freestyle computing
  • Polyglot programming

Lecture Notes:

Immersivity. We will see different forms of immersion. One form is the feeling we can have of being-in-a-place, as with a landscape painting, Imax movie, or virtual reality. But there is also interactivity, in which a system responds in a unique, open-ended, and tightly coupled way to the actions of its participant — which is immersively engrossing.

Interaction as it intersects with: generativity, transmediality, connectivity, immersivity.

2D Physics Engines