Final Project

Your final project is an open-ended investigation which may be a continuation of a prior project, or something new. You are expected to present your final project:

  • in a public exhibition at the STUDIO on Thursday, May 2, from 5-7pm; and
  • in final documentation, on this web site, by 1pm Friday, May 10. (Yes, this has been extended slightly. Full Details below.)

Final Project Documentation

Documentation for your final project is due by 1pm EST Friday, May 10, 2019. Your documentation will take the form of a post on this web site, and should have the components listed in the checklist below. (You may have already prepared some of these materials in the Placard Form.)

  • Title: Create a blog post with the title, nickname-FinalProject.
  • Category: Categorize your blog post using the WordPress Category, FinalProject.
  • Tweetable Sentence: At the top of your blog post, provide a terse but clear, tweetable sentence which describes what your project is.
  • Abstract/Overview. Describe your project in an overview paragraph of approximately 100-150 words. (Don’t worry if there is some redundancy with your tweetable sentence). Be sure to explain what your project is, and why other people might find it interesting.
  • High-Resolution, Wide-Format Image: Embed a high-resolution image, ideally with a 2×1 aspect ratio, into your blog post. (This will be used later in a gallery page.)
  • Narrative: In text of approximately 200-300 words, write a narrative which discusses your project in detail. What inspired you? How did you develop it? What problems did you have to solve? By what metrics should your project be evaluated (how would you know if you were successful)? In what ways was your project successful, and in what ways did it not meet your expectations? (If applicable) what’s next for this project? Be sure to include credits to any peers or collaborators who helped you, and acknowledgements for any open-source code or other resources you used.
  • Optional Repo Link. Optionally, you may link to a GitHub repository for your project.
  • Image Documentation: In your blog post, include some additional images of your project, such as scans of sketches from your notebook; screenshots; and/or photos of people interacting with your project.
  • Video Documentation: Embed a video of approximately 30-90 seconds’ duration, which presents an overview of your project. Make sure your video explains what your project “is” in the first 10 seconds. Your video should show how your project is used/played, and it should convey what is unique/special about your project. Consider using a voiceover narration.