aahdee – FinalProposal

For my final project, I would like to create one or two interactive wall projections. I’ve always imagined my Box2D project displayed on a large wall where people could approach it and interact with the shapes by touching it, so I think expanding on that idea wouldn’t be too bad of an idea. I also just have a large affinity for simple geometries.

The first step would be to get the first Box2D project working as an interactive projection. Next, I would use that as a stepping stone to  create different ones. One thought that I had was a pulsing blob that people could pluck smaller blobs from to play with and merge with other blobs that are on the projection. Another that I thought of was a scene similar to the warp speed animations in Star Wars where particles would converge to a focus point (I can’t think of the correct term at the moment) and more focus points would be generated if more people approached it.

To achieve this I would use a standard projector for the animation and a kinect for body tracking since its implemented rather well in that hardware. I think that my main technical issue would be the calibration of the kinect to the projection on the wall.