This project uses p5.js and ClmTracker, and builds off of Kyle McDonalds p5.js + ClmTracker starter code (thank you!). The colors of the masks are generated with color-scheme.js.

The instability is part of what comes along with much of today’s open source face tracking software. What is that was a key feature, rather than a fundamental error? I made a mask that changes every time it loses track of the face.

My original inspiration for this project came from the Chinese Opera mask changers.

The mask changing here is playful and very entertaining! Though the magic partially comes from the performance taking place in the physical world, I wanted to bring this sort of energy into the digital space with my mask.

I first set to generating masks. I used the color-scheme.js library to get triadic color palettes, and then made a base mask with accent shapes on top.

Somewhat similar to the Chinese Opera mask changers, I can hide my face and reappear with a new mask (while trying to channel at least a fraction of the energy of those professionals!). Unique to this digital space is the more peculiar methods of intentionally changing masks and the manipulation of them in the process.