Looking Outwards 02 – conye

Atlas – Guided, generative and conversational music experience for iOS

above: documentation video

Atlas is an ‘anti game environment’ that creates music and includes ‘automatically generated tasks that are solved by machine intelligence.’ This app aims to question presence, cognition, and ‘corporate driven automatisms and advanced listening practices.’ The user generates music through their interaction with the app, which asks the user questions from John Cage. These questions are ‘focusing on communication between humans’ and ‘concentrates on the marginalized aspects of presence…’ This game looks visually stunning, and I appreciate how it attempts to be a different type of game (‘anti game’). I can’t judge how successful it is in being ‘anti-game’ without playing the game, but I like the addition of the questions into the gameplay mechanic and am a big fan of how clean the visual shapes are.

gif for game








It was created with javascript, p5.js in Swift iOS, and Pure Data. It has an example template using libPd and is available in the App Store for $1.99.