dorsek – FinalProposal

For the final project in this course, I will be putting finishing up the piece I have been working on for the senior show: the work itself is a digital compilation of dreamscapes based off several dreams I had during a 3-month period of insomnia. It is interactive, and you can transition through/interact in different dreamscapes through the use of the tobii 4c eye tracker (i.e. your gaze is a subtle, almost unrecognizable controller of sorts…) Much like real dreams, the interaction will be very distorted, sometimes triggering responses that distance you from what you intend (for example when you look at something it stops moving or doing whatever interesting interaction it was before)…

I will be putting it into the Ellis but since there are two eye trackers, I hope I will be able to use one for the class exhibition as well on a separate NUC.

At the moment I am compiling all of the dream sequences into processing (from P5.JS so that they are compatible with the eye-tracker…) and putting the finishing touches on the interactions.