I thought that the feedback that my peers gave me was incredibly helpful. For the most part, the feedback seemed to fall under one of two categories. Some students felt that there was too much focus on the backend implementation of the app and that I should have focused more on the frontend and artistic statement of the device. That probably happened because I was unsure about how I wanted the app to look and decided to fall back into a space where I was familiar and knew that I could get right, and that is something that I am actively trying to improve on. Some students felt that the idea of what I was trying to implement was somewhat confusing and seemed to go into too many different directions. For example, it was unclear whether I was trying to make a game or a user-hostile chatbot; I believe I was trying to create something at the intersection of those things, but the idea of what exactly I was trying to create was never fully clear. I think that for the most part, this confusion came from the fact that I had stumbled upon a relatively rich problem space and was unsure about what direction I wanted to take my project. I learned a lot from this project about how easily ideas can evolve while they are being brought to life, and how important it is to have a clear plan of attack before I finish the ideation step.