(This nose was from earlier, before I implemented scoring and timer)

I was thinking about a combination of Sloppy Forgeries and the importance of thinking about how simple shapes make up more complex forms when making paintings with dimensionality. I wanted to make this game so that people could learn to think about that kind of thing so in some ways I wanted this to be a “Learning to Draw Software” as well as a “Drawing Software”.

Disaster struck nearish to the official deadline of the project in the form of realizing that what I set out to make this project in (Three.js) was a billion times too slow for the updates and calculations raymarching required. So here I am now, 17 days late turning this in.

Overall I’m pretty proud of this. I learned a lot; I implemented a raymarching shader (by implement I mean shamelessly stole from  Íñigo Quílez), added some real-time hatching (again shamelessly stolen, this time from Jaume Sanchez Elias’s implementation of the Microsoft Research paper), and learned more about OpenGL (such as the very useful glGetTexImage). I’m also happy that I pushed through and finished this for my own sake.

Things that still need improvement: polish continues to be a struggle for my impatience. There’s no music or sound effects currently. UI remains my greatest enemy. The overall aesthetic could definitely be improved and made more unified. The comparison algorithm is hacky at best. Finally, the code is a mess with no added comments and old, completely irrelevant comments left in. That’ll have to wait until some other day though.

Here’s some initial planning