Interpellation Mouth Tracker

My goals for this project were to work with a live video feed, find an amusing way to interact with the matter.js physics system, and also to introduce myself to working with p5.js/javascript.


“Interpellation is a process, a process in which we encounter our culture’s values and internalize them. Interpellation expresses the idea that an idea is not simply yours alone (such as ‘I like blue, I always have’) but rather an idea that has been presented to you for you to accept. ”


What I ended up making is a face-tracking interaction (using clmtrackr.js ) where every-time the viewer opens their mouth, the word ‘interpellation’ spills out and bounces around until you close your mouth. I thought this would be a humorous way to engage with a relatively simply physics interaction. The words have a floor and ceiling they interact with, and I was able to get moderate control over the manner/speed/animation style in which they bounced around and interacted with the other word-rectangles. Overall, I wish I had been able to get further into physics systems, but I am happy with the progress I made in this new (to me) creative coding environment. I am interested in future possibilities of exploring face-tracking, too.


GIF documentation: