jaqaur – Final Proposal

For my final project, I intend to complete my Rebus Chat app that I began for the telematic project (http://golancourses.net/2019/jaqaur/04/10/jaqaur-telematic/). It will be basically the same as I described in that post, but I have changed part of the Rebus-ification pipeline and also solidified my plans for implementing the rest of the app.

The new Rebus-ification pipeline will not use Rita or The Noun Project‘s API (though I will still use icons from The Noun Project). I will use The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary to get IPA pronunciation for everything users type. I will also manually create a dictionary of 1000-2000 images, along with their pronunciation (these will be short words whose pronunciation is quite common). Then, I will try to match substrings of the users’s typed syllables with syllables I have in my dictionary. I will insert the images in place of the corresponding words.

In terms of other implementation details, I am using Android Studio along with Firebase to help with authentication and data storage (which I highly recommend). I have big dreams for this project; I hope I can finish it all in time!